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What is the difference between non - metallic compensator and metal compensator
The current pipeline construction, especially in some industries, need to use such products as compensator, so to speak, for this product understanding...
What is the correct way to install the compensator?
Compensator as a long-term equipment, in the actual use of the process to add some of their own installation methods, about the compensation period of the correct installation method...
Does joint surface roughness affect flange tightness
It is known that flange connection is likely to leak, and there are many reasons, but the direct reason or avoidable factor is the roughness of the connection surface...
Elbow prone to problems and analysis
Lack of penetration refers to a defect of partial fusion between welding elbow and weld metal or seam layer. Lack of penetration weakens the working section of weld, greatly reduces the strength of joi...
Some features of seamless elbows
Seamless elbow material not only has qualified creep breaking curve, and its pipe price is moderate, construction relative to other kinds of convenience, convenience, convergence method attributed to t...
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