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Principle and application of heating temperature of carbon steel elbow
The heating temperature of carbon steel elbow is determined by the principle that the raw material austenitization temperature is above and the main compressive stress of the elbow wall is less than th...
Different flange characteristics and usage considerations
In order to prevent the eyeball corrosion due to the flange cover heating, the welding current should not be too large, less than 20% of the carbon steel welding rod, the arc should not be too long, fa...
Flange cold forging is different from hot forging
The hot forging of flanges is that large flanges with complex shapes can be forged due to the low deformation energy and resistance during hot forging...
Stainless steel flange installation and quality features
Stainless steel flange, which is the spare parts which connect pipes with pipes, is also called stainless steel flange or flange...
Polishing technique and procedure of stainless steel elbow
Stainless steel elbow in the process of forming the first thing to do is to polish it, polishing can make the surface of stainless steel elbow is very bright...
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